Live Transfer Leads by Itrends.

Lead Generation

Looking for Live Transfer Leads? Itrends delivers qualified as well as non-qualified leads directly to your designated phone numbers, email or CRM systems. Count on us to expand or assist your organization with a continuous flow of Live Transfer Leads and New Leads daily.


Strategy Planning

At Itrends delivering excellence is important! However, our foremost goal is to ensure our clients eliminate wasted marketing spend and generate more leads and more conversions. Thorough analyses and implementing strategically "Calls-To-Action" to ensure visitors find what they want when they want it.



An award-winning web design and development company that infuses amazing video and rich media productions that enhance the user experience.


Mobile Development

Android, IPhone or Blackberry? We design and develop mobile websites, applications, games, players, software and tools that insure you communicate to your audience on the go!


Nonprofit Marketing Volunteers

If you are a 501c3 registered Nonprofit organization and can use extra donations to help thrust your programs let us know. We are glad to lend a hand! You may be eligible to receive $10,000 of thousands of dollars to use to advertise your programs.

Itrends is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency.


Paid Search

Enhancing efficiency, increasing performance and enabling our clients to compete on a level-playing field, whether large or small, that is what we are capable of doing .Enhancing efficiency, increasing performance and enabling our clients to compete on a level-playing field, whether large or small, that is what we are capable of doing .


Organic Search

These days size matter! Explore how to regain your position on the search engines and drive more traffic to your destination than ever before.

Know How :
Case Studies
  • Lead Generation
    The company had little to moderate growth despite implementing digital marketing campaigns and was unable to obtain a significant return on investment. NIG came to Itrends for leads to keep their entire call center busy.
    Itrends delivered a fully-integrated marketing plan that included Search Engine Marketing, Organic Optimization, Social Marketing among other campaigns. Within 72 hours Itrends was able to deliver thousands of leads enabling the organization to expand its operation further.
  • Mobile Application Development
    BrokerExec offers real estate agents a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that allows the agent or broker to manage the entire life cycle of a property sale or rental. The company implemented a customer survey campaign via e-mail and after the data was analyzed, the BrokerExec staff was overwhelmed by the amount of request for a mobile version.
    Itrends developed a mobile versions for both Android and IPhone. Additional features such as Google map integration, text messaging and call and SMS logging where added.
  • Website Development
    Health Express is looking to expand its territories across the midwest and required a branded website design.
    Itrends designed a user interface and wrapped into a content management system.
  • Brand Exposure and Subscription Campaign
    Offering Date provides subscription services for Investment Products and Services focused on Energy, Real Estate, Technology, Business, Precious Objects and more. The company came to Itrends to increase its subscribers and investor pool from countries outside of the United States.
    Itrends was able to to develop subscriber acquisition campaigns and it rebranded the companies logo and website with content-driven investment packages that reached multiple sources. Multi-lingual campaigns were developed to reach specific investors from within the specific regions.
Meet The Team
Latin American SEO Manager

Carmen DeSousa

Latin America SEO Mgr.

Carmen came to us 3 years ago as a copy desk editor from a renowned publisher. Her passion for writing continues as she leads the LATAM department and is our Hispanic SEO and Advertising specialist.

Online Marketing Strategist and Digital Advertising Agency Management Leader

Vincent Marza

Dir. of Strategic Planning

Ever try synthesizing data while drinking a cup of coffee and restructuring a campaign at the same time? Not many people can focus and deliver as we have witnessed Vincent do so. Really how does he do it?

Digital Advertising Creative Services Director for Interactive and Online Video, TV (Television) and Web Designs

Bradley Troutman

Creative Director

Amazing is an understatement when it comes to Bradley’s gift for design. Since our inception, he has added life beyond the canvass with award-winning Television, interactive video, web and mobile designs.

Expert Internet Advertising and Marketing Designer

Erica Velez

Sr. Web Designer

Dazzling us with her abilities to induce “The Wow Factor” and a lingering tail exemplifying her accomplishments daily, Erica brings a unique balance of remarkable creative genius along with a pragmatic skill for usable web designs.

User Interface and User Experience Design and Marketing Professional

Liz Marie Murphy

Sr. UI/UX Specialist

For over 6 years, Liz has been assisting in the development of User Interface and Web Designs for companies like Maytag, Coleman, DOT among others. Liz is currently working on her PMP Certification.

Sr. Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Kevin St. Clair


Sr. Strategy Consultant

Originally from Virginia, Kevin St. Clair spent many years as a private Yacht Captain sailing alongside some of the greatest minds in business responsible for such products as the retractable pet leash, plush dog toys and many more. 


John Wallace

Dir. Search Engine Marketing

Analytics anyone! John is a PPC (Pay Per Click) Expert and Evangelist. For over 6 years, he continues to drive millions of unique visitors from Google®, Adwords® and Bing® with High Conversions and CTR (Click-Through Rates).

Increase Social Media Advertising Activity and Generate an ROI

Jeanine Sommers

Social Media Marketing Mgr.

If her southern charm doesn’t get you inspired for a ballroom dance, then her social eloquence will surely have your appetite thirsting for a friend request from our Socialite Jeanine.

Expert in Mobile Application Design and Mobile Advertising Functionality

Kip Mays

Dir. Mobile Development

Every wonder how those apps can function on such a small device? Just ask Kip, our expert in Mobile Application Design and Integrated Marketing Development. Kip is a contributing developer on multiple Open-Source Projects.

Careers are available at Itrends - A Full Service Digital Advertising Agency and Online Marketing Firm

We’re Hiring!

Itrends is growing and we are always on the look out for Digital Advertising and Online Marketing experts who look to enjoy a balance between work and lifestyle.

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    Flabbergasted! We couldn’t have asked for anything more than what the team delivered. They certainly no how to take on projects mid-stream. We are grateful!

    Larissa K., Amstad
  • face-icon-2

    Our online shops are humming. Thanks to Vincent and his team, we were also able to integrate the cloud system in over a few short weeks. What’s more we are hands-off on the server administration. Keep up the great work!

    Randy Seru, CoStar Group
  • face-icon-3

    I can truely feel know. It was quite a struggle for us in the begging, especailly with all the wasted time we invested with service providers that had no clue what our businesss was about and what we need. You real put things into perspective. Thank You!

    Patricia M., DirectBuy
  • face-icon-4

    Absolutely Brilliance! The team at Itrends helped us increase business in less time than I would have ever imagined.

    Kendrik C., Tri Star Media
  • face-icon-12

    Strategy Planning and delivering digital advertising at every one of our locations has been a total success for us. Thank You!

    Carol F., Youfit
  • face-icon-20

    We tried SEO with other vendors and we were dissatisfied. Itrends offered to deliver services with no upfront fees and no contract. We couldn’t say no to that. After seeing the results we I became a firm believer that experts with honor do exist.

    Rick G., Pro Shops
  • face-icon-18

    We went from 10 people in our company and 9 months later we are at 22 and growing fast. For years we have been struggling with Internet Advertising and poof Itrends delivers just like that. It’s like magic! Whatever it is thank you and I do appreciate you teaching our staff how to manage certain tasks. Always a pleasure!

    Mauro P., Exotica
  • face-icon-8

    Counting on Itrends to deliver digital advertising for us an our clients is a no brainer. They are absolute geniuses when it comes to delivering customers. Keep doing what you do best!

    Lisa K., TrueVideo